At our general insurance company, we offer a wide range of products and services designed to protect your assets and financial security. Our comprehensive insurance solutions include coverage for your home, car, business, and other valuable assets, with flexible options tailored to meet your unique needs and budget. We also offer specialized insurance solutions, such as travel insurance and health insurance, to help you prepare for unexpected events and protect your well-being.

Personal Lines Insurance

Personal Lines Insurance refers to insurance policies that provide coverage for individuals and their personal assets, such as homes, cars, and personal liability.

Healthcare Insurance

Without the right medical cover, accidents and illnesses can put individuals and families under significant financial pressure, pushing them into debt and making it difficult to receive the expert medical care they need. That’s why People & Partners has created a range of coverage for health insurance in Cambodia.

Motor Insurance

People and Partners Insurance Plc makes sure your prized car, motorbike, tricycle or commercial vehicle is repaired or replaced in the event of motor accident. We also ensure that if someone is seriously injured in an accident, you are protected from any financial liability.


Travel Insurance

People & Partners PLC is renowned for a range of policies that provide the best health insurance in Cambodia, and the same excellence applies to our cover for travelers.

Personal Accident Insurance

Protect your employees and make sure you’re covered against unexpected events by getting a Personal Accident Insurance policy specifically tailored for your protection.

Commercial Lines Insurance

Commercial Lines Insurance is a type of insurance that provides coverage for businesses and their assets, including property, liability, and workers' compensation.

Money Insurance

Money is the lifeblood of any business, and it’s common for large organisations to move funds between locations frequently. Protect your capital whether it’s in a vault or being transported, and make sure the people who handle your funds are insured while in transit.


Fire & Business Interruption Insurance

Ensure the survival of your home or business by getting the best fire insurance coverage available in Cambodia.

Construction & Erection Insurance

Protect your major investment with a customised construction insurance policy.


General Third Party Liability Insurance

Eliminate risk of serious financial loss by ensuring you have the right Third Party Liability Insurance for your business.


Marine Cargo Insurance

Whether transporting goods by road, rail, ship or air, our Marine Cargo Insurance guarantees valuable goods are covered, and our extensive worldwide network ensures claims are processed fast.

Bankers Blanket Bond

No two financial organisations are the same, so we believe there is no standard Banker's Blanket Bond policy. It’s our mission to create a unique policy that is relevant to your organisation.

Political Violence and Terrorism Insurance

Backed by Lloyds of London and featuring wording that insures your company against any imaginable type of civil strife, Political Violence and Terrorism Insurance is a smart choice for businesses seeking truly comprehensive cover.

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