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People & Partners Insurance has a network of regional representatives and medical staff across the entire country to deliver the best service for customers who choose to purchase cover for motorbike or car insurance in Cambodia. In addition to our regional network, we have a fleet of response vehicles in the nation's capital, Phnom Penh, always on standby to assist in an emergency situation. At the heart of both the regional network and city fleet is our 24/7 claims team, which strictly prioritises the safety of our customers before considering claim details.

For most people, a motor vehicle is a significant investment. Your vehicle may also be of critical importance to your business or employment. In a country where thousands of motor accidents occur, it’s essential to choose an insurer with a nationwide support network and the resources to ensure your vehicle is repaired or replaced quickly. People and Partners Insurance has the best cover available in Cambodia and the most competitive premiums. If an accident occurs, our staff are available 24 hours a day to provide our customers with the support they need.

Even the most careful driver can make a mistake and cause an accident. The next time you get in your motor vehicle, it’s possible you may be involved in an accident that causes serious injuries. You do not even have to be 100% at fault in the accident to face financial liability. Bodily Injury coverage protects your assets in the event of a judgment against you. The amount of liability depends on the severity of the damage, the seriousness of the bodily injury, and the resultant medical costs. People and Partners Insurance experts makes this cover easy by designing the right policy to fit your requirements and budget.

By law, the only compulsory cover is for commercial vehicles, which require third party liability insurance, but we recommend the following cover to protect your vehicle and make sure you don’t experience any significant financial loss.

Only you can decide if Own Damage coverage is necessary after considering whether the cost of insurance is more economical than the cost of repairing or replacing the car at your own expense. If your motor vehicle is leased or financed, you are probably required to maintain Own Damage as well as Comprehensive coverage.

Cover includes:

  • Damage to your motor vehicle, regardless of who causes the accident
  • Accidents caused by hitting objects

Besides motor accidents, there are many ways your vehicle can be damaged. As the name suggests, comprehensive cover protects you from a variety of perils and includes the cover provided in the basic Own Damage policy. You can also choose deductible options to lower the cost of premiums.

Cover includes:

  • Own Damage
  • Fire
  • Third party liability
  • Theft
  • Passenger liability
  • Vandalism
  • Strikes and riots

Cover excludes:

  • Wear or tear
  • Mechanical breakdown
  • Road damage to tires by potholes
  • Certain property (e.g. compact disks)

Finally, make sure to notify your insurance company of any customisation you do to your vehicle after it is purchased or it may not be covered.

Q: Is my friend covered under my Motor Vehicle Policy if I lend him/her my insured motor vehicle? 

A: Whenever you give permission for a friend or associate to borrow your car, he or she is covered under your motor vehicle insurance policy if he or she carries a valid driving license.

Q: Who do I list on my Policy?
A: Every member of your household, friend, associate who carries a valid driving license, excluding non-drivers and children.

Q: What happens if I am a passenger in a friend’s car and I’m injured?
A: If your friend has Passenger Liability coverage, you will then be covered under his/her policy.

Q: if I want comprehensive and/or Own Damage coverage, do I need to choose it on all my insured vehicles?
A: You can make comprehensive and /or Own Damage choices individually for each of your insured vehicles.

Q: If another driver hits my vehicle, do I have to wait for the other driver to pay for damages to my motor vehicle?
A: No, if you choose Own Damage coverage, we will pay for the damage to your car (the cost of damage to your car less the deductible) regardless of who is at fault in the accident.

Q: How much should my deductible be?
A: The larger the deductible the greater your savings on premium, but the higher the risk. Select a deductible based on the largest amount that you are comfortable paying for repairs to your vehicle in the event of an accident.

We have a Nationwide Network of garages, repair shops, towing trucks, police and local authorities together with a panel of hospitals and clinics in every province. We operate on a 24/7 basis, including weekends and public holidays. Simply call our hot line number, which will be given to you with your policy, and our team will explain exactly what to do in the event of an accident or damage to your vehicle.

We settle claims quickly. The amount of time required to handle each claim varies based on the severity, extent and nature of loss. Some claims can be resolved in a single phone call, others are more complex and require inspections. Regardless of the nature of the claim, you can be sure that People & Partners will settle as quickly as possible. Your Claims Advisor will explain the claims process and give you a better time estimate when they begin to handle the claim.

Our premiums are very competitive for all kinds of vehicles. Please be very specific on the make, model, and value when you ask us for a quote. Also inform us if you have experienced more than three years claim free, so we can apply the necessary discounts. We will respond very quickly with our suggested coverage and terms. The more vehicles you own the more competitive the quote will be.


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