Construction & Erection Insurance

People and Partners Insurance PLC has special expertise in this class of business, especially in relation to large infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, railway construction, power plants and oil and gas.All types of civil or mechanical engineering work, ranging from the smallest of buildings to the largest of petrochemical complexes, are susceptible to damage during construction, erection, installation and testing. Such damage can arise from a wide variety of perils such as fire, water, storm, impact, high winds, breakdown and explosion. Our Contractors All Risk and Erection insurance policies protect the Contractor and principle in respect to these perils.Cover is given against loss or damage of the contract works, construction plant and equipment as well as third party claims for property damage or bodily injury associated with the insured construction project.Construction liability insurance can also be arranged to insure the construction workers against death or injury while on site, and we offer marine cargo cover for any imported specialist machinery required for the project. People & Partners PLC is also happy to assist with any business insurance needs after completion of the project including, Fire & Business Interruption, General Third Party Liability and Personal Accident Insurance.

PPI can cover your project, whether you are the Principal /owner or the main contractor with subcontractors. It is compulsory in Cambodia to cover the Third Party Liability Risk on a construction project but only for very small sum insured limits. It makes much more sense to insure the whole project on a WRAP-around policy, protecting not just the Principal and the contractor but all parties involved (subcontractors etc.). A WRAP-around policy covers the whole risk, including loss of or damage to the project, third party liabilities, contractors plant and equipment, workers compensation, and marine cargo from overseas to site including storage offsite and delay in start-up cover.

PPI will provide a free assessment based on the contract details:

  • Plans and Drawings 
  • Scope of work
  • A chart of project milestones
  • Contract Requirements regarding actual Insurance cover

We suggest a tailor-made policy which will protect the following as a minimum:  

  • The construction works itself, during the whole period of the contract and through the maintenance period
  • Any surrounding property which could be damaged during the project period
  • Third Party damage, injury or death during the Project Period

  • Construction Plant and equipment involved (tower crane, Diggers, Dozers etc.)
  • Delay in start-up (DSU) cover which may be required by the Banks/Lenders involved
  • Performance Bonds and Advance Payment Bonds (if required by the Principal/owner)

As this cover is on a very wide “All Risks” wording, everything is covered except the following main exclusions:

  • War Risks
  • Radioactivity Risks 
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Theft unless by specific incident (i.e., No “inventory losses” which are normal to any project work site (missing bricks, plumbing/electrical equipment etc.)

We are experts in this class of business, with extensive experience in all types of Construction and Erection Projects including MEGA Projects such as Power plants (coal, Hydropower, Solar Power and Wind Power).

Our international Panel of “A” rated reinsurers will ensure even the most complex and expensive projects are fully protected for all concerned.

We settle Claims Quickly. The amount of time required to handle each claim varies based on the severity, extent and nature of loss. Regardless of the nature of the claim, you can be sure that People and Partners will settle as quickly as possible.

Our premiums are very competitive in this Market for all types of construction projects.
We will help you to provide us with all the details to tailor a full WRAP-around policy with the Best Terms and Conditions.


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