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People & Partners Insurance Plc provides Marine Cargo and Inland Transit Insurance that delivers better value and more comprehensive cover than  CIF terms from overseas or FOB terms from Cambodia. Our team can advise the best structure for an ‘open-cover’ declaration basis, covering all voyages: Cambodia to international destinations and imports to Cambodia, door to door.We provide cargo cover from ‘door to door’ and ‘world to world’ under our international reinsurance arrangements. ‘Free on Board’ (FOB)Shipments from Cambodia to the world should be insured on a ‘Cost Insurance Freight’ (CIF) basis, which offers far more competitive premium rates in Cambodia than those from overseas. Similarly, the ‘CIF’ exporters from overseas to Cambodia should be asked to provide FOB terms only. This ensures the importer here gets much cheaper insurance rates than from anywhere overseas.

Our Marine Cargo and inland transit insurance policies are issued based on Normal International clauses, which are standard the world over. Clauses such as the ‘A’ clauses from London give the widest ‘All Risks’ cover for your cargo. Wherever possible we recommend this as a minimum cover.Minimum cover usually includes:

  • All Risks Cover: (“A” Clauses London)
  • All Risks Air Cover
  • Stranding 
  • Sinking
  • Explosion
  • Fire
  • Total Loss and Partial Losses
  • Piracy
  • Salvage Charges
  • Collision with Another Vessel
  • Collision with Fixed and Floating Objects
  • Jettison of Cargo
  • General Average Charges
  • All Forms of Transit during the Normal Course of Voyage e.g. Road, Rail, Air Cargo, etc.
  • Normal Storage on Route

In addition to our minimum cover, we can insure against War Risks (war perils clauses to or from most places in the world where there are no sanctions) and Special Trade Risks (Frozen Food, etc.).

We also offer a 50/50 Clause for shipments that are part of a construction project, so that in the event of damage, once the goods have reached the construction site and have been unpacked, if it is unclear how or where any damage happened (on ship or at site), the Insurers agree to share the loss 50/50. In those cases, we normally recommend that both the Marine Cargo policy and the Construction All Risks policy carry this clause. You would need to check this with both of the Insurers, if they are different.

For ‘special’ cargoes (listed below) we have separate terms and policy clauses to suit each type of cargo:

  • Crude Oil
  • LNG / LPG
  • Refrigerated Goods
  • Livestock
  • Jewellery in Transit

Our policies deliver value, quality, expertise and worldwide support that makes our Marine Cargo and Inland Transit Insurance the best available to Cambodian businesses.

We’re proud of the international network we’ve created, and you will find our global claims surveyors in every major international port. This ensures efficient and fast cargo insurance surveys, inspections and claims, helping you recover quickly in the event of damaged or lost goods.

We are experts in arranging all classes of transit cover – Inland Transit, Sea Cargo and Air Cargo for all classes of goods and equipment.

We tailor-make our Marine Cargo and Inland Transit policies to our client’s needs. Whenever possible we provide an 'Open Cover' arrangement to protect the Insured’s interest and also to provide the most competitive terms and premiums. Even if you only arrange shipments several times a year, this arrangement is always more effective and cheaper. Many different kinds of goods can all be included under an open cover with relevant agreed rates and terms agreed at the outset. Different goods can be added on or taken off by endorsement under the arrangement, which is normally reviewed at the end of each year.

Clients can arrange to advise shipments as they happen or monthly if they prefer. If they need Insurance Certificates prior to shipment for banking purposes this can be arranged.

Our rates and terms are very competitive on this class of insurance and we almost always beat overseas insurers insuring cargo to Cambodia on both cover provided (Door to Door not ceasing at Sihanoukville port) and premium rates charged.

Try our rates and terms. You will not be disappointed.

We suggest an ‘open cover agreement’ if you are a regular shipper or importer. By using this method, you will not need to agree on cover every time you declare an import or export shipment. We simply bill you monthly.
We only need very basic information to design the right cover for you.

Simply Tell us:

  • Your contact details
  • The type of goods or cargo
  • From where to where
  • Total Values Shipped per annum
  • Maximum Limit / Sum Insured required per Shipment
  • Your experience in this trade

We will then devise the best ‘open cover’ package for you and provide a free quotation. 


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