Director and Officer Liability Insurance

Director and Officer (D&O) Liability Insurance provides essential coverage for legal expenses incurred in defending against claims of wrongful acts or negligence by directors or officers. People & Partner Insurance Company (PPI) indemnifies the insured by reimbursing them for any settlements or judgments resulting from their duties as a directors or officers. This insurance not only protects the organization but also safeguards the personal assets of directors and officers, offering broad coverage in case they are held personally liable for a covered claim.

D&O Insurance is crucial for protecting various levels of management, including:

  • Directors
  • Officers
  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Members of the board of directors
  • Supervisors
  • Others involved in company decisions

These individuals can be held personally liable for their actions or decisions while managing the organization. D&O insurance provides them with protection against potential legal claims and lawsuits, ensuring their peace of mind.

D&O Insurance from PPI covers potential liabilities under the following insuring clauses:

  • Insuring Clause 1: Directors' and Officers' Liability: Covers claims made against directors and officers for wrongful acts committed in their capacity as such.
  • Insuring Clause 2: Company Reimbursement: Reimburses the company for amounts paid to indemnify directors and officers for claims against them.

All other terms and conditions are as per the Policy Wording.

Choosing Director & Officer insurance with PPI offers several advantages:

  • Attract HighQuality Talent: Highquality directors and officers are more likely to join your organization knowing their personal assets are protected.
  • Employee Retention: Provides an added layer of security, helping to retain current employees.
  • Comprehensive Protection: Ensures that both the organization and its key individuals are protected against potential legal liabilities.

To file a claim under a Director and Officer Liability Insurance policy with PPI, follow these steps:

1. Notify PPI Immediately: Contact PPI as soon as you become aware of any claim or potential claim against a director or officer.

2. Document the Incident: Provide detailed documentation of the claim, including any legal documents, correspondence, and other relevant information.

3. Submit a Claim Form: Complete and submit the claim form provided by PPI. Ensure all required information and supporting documents are included.

4. Cooperate with the Investigation: Cooperate fully with PPI's claims adjuster during the investigation process. This may include providing additional information or access to relevant documents.

Settlement: Once the investigation is complete, PPI will process the claim and provide a settlement based on the terms of the policy

The claim form required to file a claim under the Director and Officer Liability Insurance policy with PPI should include the following information:

  • Policyholder's Details: Name, address, and contact information.
  • Description of the Claim: Date, time, location, and nature of the claim.
  • Details of the Individuals Involved: Names, positions, and roles of the individuals involved.
  • Supporting Documentation: Legal documents, correspondence, financial statements, etc.
  • Witness Statements: If applicable.


Ensure all sections of the claim form are completed accurately and thoroughly to facilitate a smooth claims process.


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