One of our Shareholders and Board Members – Mr. Ing Seav Meng arranged a special full day party for the Home and Kids.


His very creative idea was to ask all his family, friends and colleagues not to give him anything for his birthday!


Instead, he asked them to help him to make a donation to the Home, to support the children there.


As part of PPI’s CSR program – PPI donated some funds for this, together with voluntary individual donations from our staff members also.


On the day (Saturday 18th March 2023), he and some of the donors, including some of his family, friends, colleagues and 2 members from PPI gathered together in the Home and enjoyed a Happy Smiley Day with the Children.


A great idea and gesture! PPI were delighted to join in this event!


You can see the results in the photos attached.


Total funds raised for the Home from all donors – 6,507.00 USD.