Property insurance coverage in Cambodia

Protect your home and business against fire, burglary, and natural disasters

For any individual or business, property is among the most significant investments we’ll ever make in our lives. Protecting the structure and its contents is crucial. People & Partners are property insurance experts, and in addition to our basic burglary and fire insurance policies, we can create a customised plan that suits your needs.

Whether protecting your home or business, we can assess your specific requirements and create a policy that reduces risk and puts your mind at ease. Our optional cover includes most natural disasters, impact damage from plane or vehicle, riot, smoke damage, malicious damage, spontaneous combustion or water damage. For our business customers, It’s our job to make sure you feel safe in the knowledge that your property insurance coverage will prevent loss of revenue, reduce business interruptions and get you back to full productivity as soon as possible. To reduce risk, we also recommend businesses choose additional policies, such as Fire & Business Interruption, General Third Party Liability and Personal Accident Insurance.

Cambodian businesses and families turn to People & Partners for expert guidance on home and commercial property insurance. We have a specialist team of experienced insurance professionals waiting to provide free quotes on basic plans or custom policies.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask one of our property insurance specialists.