Political Violence & Terrorism Insurance

Political Violence & Terrorism Insurance

Broad cover, competitive premiums, and covered by Lloyds of London

Backed by Lloyds of London and featuring wording that insures your company against any imaginable type of civil strife, Political Violence & Terrorism Insurance is a smart choice for businesses seeking truly comprehensive cover.

Many businesses may not be aware they are not protected against civil strife or the relatively modern threat of terrorism. Instances of these dangers may be rare but the effect can be catastrophic. Unfortunately, in the event of these dangers, a business may find out too late that its existing policies do not cover civil unrest or attacks by terrorists. Like any other risk, People & Partners Insurance can ensure you are covered with the right policy.

This is a standalone cover, on top of existing Fire, All Risks, Construction All Risks, or Motor policies. The policy includes very wide coverage and reinsurance protection via Lloyd’s of London. Very competitive premium rates for Cambodia and Cambodian interests overseas make this policy a prudent investment for companies that insist on preparing for any eventuality.

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