Personal Accident Insurance

Protect your employees and make sure you’re covered against unexpected events by getting a Personal Accident Insurance policy specifically tailored for your business.

It’s no surprise the saying ‘accidents happen’ is used so often. Unfortunately there are so many causes of risk that it’s impossible to foresee every possibility. Whether common, due to known risks associated with equipment and techniques, or unpredictable due to a relatively unique situation, every business in Cambodia needs to consider the likelihood of injury to employees. The safety of staff is a priority, and is usually the first policy we create with businesses, even before crucial coverage like Fire & Business Interruption Insurance and General Third Party Liability Insurance

The perils of ignoring the need for personal accident insurance are widely known. Compared to a prudent and affordable policy, an injury to an employee could lead to compensation and legal costs that far outweigh the cost of accident cover. Businesses that choose to run the risk are essentially gambling, and if there’s one thing no one likes gambling on it’s the welfare of employees. Added to the physical costs are damage to brands and reputation. It’s better to be perceived as a responsible organisation while also protecting your business from potentially damaging losses.

That’s why this is the core product for most company employee benefit schemes here in Cambodia, and is usually tailor-made to fit the individual company’s requirements for death, disablement and medical expenses following an accident. It is usually taken out in conjunction with a group health scheme covering medical expenses arising from illness.

Our business insurance team is happy to discuss the needs of your organisation and tailor the right policy to meet your requirements.