Motorbike and Car Insurance in Cambodia

Comprehensive cover, 24-hour claims, and nation-wide support.

Car insurance in Cambodia is an absolute necessity. The nation and its roads are developing rapidly but the quality of roadwork varies, ranging from dirt roads to impressive two-lane highways. With unpredictable road and traffic conditions, unfortunately road accidents do occur.

People & Partners Insurance took great care in building a network of regional representatives and medical staff across the entire country to deliver the best service for customers who choose to purchase cover for motorbike or car insurance in Cambodia. In addition to our regional network, we have a fleet of response vehicles in the nation's capital, Phnom Penh, always on standby to assist in an emergency situation. At the heart of both the regional network and city fleet is our 24/7 claims team, which strictly prioritises the safety of our customers before considering claim details.

Unfortunately accidents do happen, but with People & Partners you’re in good hands. Our caring staff are experienced in dealing with authorities while arranging any necessary care for our valued customers. Make sure you also choose the right heath insurance policy to take advantage of our medical network, which is nation-wide and includes the best health professionals and facilities in the country.

We strongly recommend that you insure your vehicle (s) with ‘comprehensive’ basic cover in the same policy.

  • Third party liability (injury, death, damage to other vehicle or property)
  • Your vehicle’s own damage
  • Driver and passengers – death, disablement and medical expenses

We can insure all types of vehicles – cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc.