Money insurance in Cambodia

If your business relies on cash, give yourself peace of mind by protecting your capital with a People & Partners money insurance policy.

Every organisation that handles large sums of money must protect their capital. A money insurance policy can ensure your funds are covered when locked away or in transit. We can also help you protect the valued employees who handle your funds. While most businesses use insurance to protect their property and ensure employees are covered, many fail to recognise the risks involved in storing and transporting money.

At People & Partners Insurance, we understand all the risks affecting Cambodian businesses, but few could be any more worrying than the loss of money. Whether it’s the shattering loss of a large sum, or funds that are crucial to your day-to-day operations, a money insurance policy can be tailored to suit your needs. Whether the money is in transit or locked away in a safe or vault, we can give your business peace of mind. The policy can also be extended to cover personal accidents to employees carrying the money to and from locations including banks.

By definition, money includes cash and bank notes, cash cheques and even postage stamps if unused. The policy does not cover loss caused by dishonesty of the insured’s employees – this is a separate ‘fidelity guarantee’ cover. However we do help you protect your employees in the event of a robbery, including cover for specialist security carriers who carry extremely large amounts of cash between businesses, banks and ATMs.

Even as the business world migrates to other forms of payments (cheques, bank transfers, credit cards and mobile apps), large amounts of cash are still collected by many businesses (supermarkets, shopping malls, construction sites, garment factories) either as payments for goods or wages. If your organisation handles large sums of money, insure against the risk of robbery and other misfortunes that may occur while funds are in transit.

Talk to our money insurance policy specialists to discuss how coverage can be tailor-made to protect your business.