Health insurance in Cambodia

Get the right coverage by choosing from our five comprehensive insurance plans

Without medical cover, accidents and illness can put you under significant financial pressure and make it difficult to receive the expert medical care you need. That’s why People & Partners has created a range of policies for health insurance in Cambodia. While many Cambodians are willing to buy cover for their prized possessions, including motor insurance and property insurance, many people don't protect the most important things in life. The health of our families should always be the first priority.

We have a range of policies to guarantee you and your loved ones get the right health care. All costs will be reimbursed by People & Partners, including major expenses like emergency services, surgery and hospital accommodation. Our affordable medical insurance also includes pre-hospital consultations for early diagnosis, and post-hospital benefits to make sure you get back on your feet quickly.

Our dedicated health insurance division is supported by a national network of health care professionals, and each policy is backed by major insurance Underwriters in overseas markets.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask one of our health insurance experts.