General Third Party Liability Insurance

Eliminate serious risk to your business by ensuring you have the right Third Party Liability Insurance.

Damage to third party property and individuals is one of the most crucial forms of cover for Cambodian businesses. Accidental death, bodily injury, disease, and loss or damage to third party property can create an impact on uninsured businesses that may be difficult to recover from. It’s essential that third parties are protected, and important cover legal costs and expenses.

Modern businesses are expected to recognise their legal liability when staff or equipment controlled by the company results in damages. In terms of costs, a failure to apply comprehensive cover creates an ongoing serious risk to the future of the business. In addition to Personal Accident Insurance, Third Party Liability Insurance guarantees the company is covered against any situation leading to death or personal bodily harm.

In all cases, the liability is subject to limits of Indemnity and other terms and conditions of the policy, so it’s important to work with a People & Partners Plc business expert to create a policy that’s right for your business.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask one of our insurance professionals.