Fire & Business Interruption Insurance

Ensure the survival of your business and get the best fire insurance coverage available in Cambodia.

Protection against fire is the first essential step in protecting your business. Fires can devastate an organisation in a matter of minutes, leaving behind huge damage, hefty repair bills, and completely stopping production and sales. A People & Partners fire insurance policy covers the building, machine and plant, stock and other contents, making it possible for the insured to rebuild or replace damaged items as quickly as possible.

But fire insurance coverage is only half the equation for a responsible, modern Cambodian organisation. What happens while the business recovers from the tragedy of fires, accidents or natural disasters? It’s important to guarantee the business is compensated for any loss of turnover, meaning expenses get paid and the expected monthly net profit is also covered. This helps your organisation retain important staff, which is a key factor in the business’ recovery. When relevant, our business interruption insurance can also cover the cost of temporary relocation.

Basic fire insurance coverage includes events such as damage caused by fire, lighting, and gas or boiler explosion, but optional cover is available for special perils including premises that may not be owned or controlled by the insurance holder, such as suppliers that the insured depends on.

People & Partners fire and business interruption insurance can be tailored to meet your needs, so get in touch with one of our friendly experts to discuss a solution that makes sure your business not only survives fire, but also recovers quickly and completely. People & Partners also provides excellent property insurance for individuals and families.

If you have any questions, please contact our dedicated fire and business interruption insurance experts.