Director & Officers Liability Insurance

Tailored liability policies to protect your company's key personnel

Directors and senior officers face an increasingly complicated and litigious business world. That’s why People & Partners insurance provides protection in the form of special liability policies for the key stakeholders of large companies.

Being in an executive position carries great responsibility over staff, partners, shareholders and business deals. People & Partners Insurance covers directors and senior officers being sued by shareholders, employees (e.g. wrongful termination) or the general public when a law action that names directors and officers is brought against the company.

It is designed to protect the directors and officers themselves, but its intention is not to cover any ‘in-fighting’ between directors and officers that end up in the courtroom. Coverage is normally given for claims alleging wrongful termination, however, most claims come from shareholders in this class of insurance. Some other possible risks include directors or officers causing the company to incur unnecessary tax liabilities, or the sale of corporate assets for an unreasonably low price.

The policy can be tailored to make sure the insured is covered for improper purchases of stock, insider trading, and improper handling of mergers, acquisitions, or takeovers. With increasing legislation and compliance requirements, this class of business insurance has become an important consideration by all large companies.

People & Partners business insurance specialists can tailor a policy to perfectly match the requirements of your company.