Banker's Blanket Bond Insurance

No two financial organisations are the same, so we believe there is no standard Banker's Blanket Bond policy. It’s our mission to create a unique policy that is perfect for your organisation.

People & Partners Banker's Blanket Bond insurance is tailored by our insurance experts to allow each client to define and cover risks that are relevant to the business.

The Banker's Blanket Bond product consists of a number of sections known as Insuring Clauses. Each clause offers protection to a financial institution against a clearly defined risk of financial loss. A financial institution may have a Bond in which all Insuring Clauses are included, or the client may select only those that are relevant to the business.

People & Partners Insurance has extensive experience in tailoring such coverage to meet the exact needs of clients. Our friendly professionals will listen to your requirements and use their knowledge of policies, laws and the latest developments in the industry to provide important options. We feel it’s our responsibility to minimise as much risk as possible, but it is entirely the right of each client to choose exactly what clauses they believe should be included.

Our experts are ready to create the perfect Banker's Blanket Bond cover for your financial institution.