Key Facts About

Fire and Property Insurance:

This is the basic policy needed by most businesses here and is the largest sector in the market. Good advice on the level and type of cover is needed and a free risk survey by our staff is a feature so that the best terms can be offered (firefighting equipment, discount, etc.)


Motor Insurance:

The basic cover is third party liability cover but protection is also needed for the vehicle itself, the drivers and any passengers. Our network of claims handlers is nationwide – just contact our 24 hour Toll Free number given to you when you purchase motor insurance.


Construction and Erection Insurance:

We specialize in this type of insurance for all projects, large or small. We will do a free risk assessment based on the contract details – plans and drawings, scope of work, bar chart and contract requirements regarding insurance cover. We provide a wraparound cover protecting not just the principal and the contractor but all parties involved (subcontractors etc.).

Personal Accident Insurance:

This is the core product for most company employee benefit schemes here and is usually tailor-made to fit the individual company requirements for death, disablement and medical expenses following on accident. It is usually taken out in conjunction with a group health scheme covering medical expenses arising from illness.


Health Insurance:

Our policies can be arranged for both individuals and groups as required. The best way to look at this is to decide an overall annual budget and we can then tailor-made the benefits for the staff involved. Senior staff/management may be given higher benefits if needed.


Marine Cargo Insurance:

All importers and exporters in Cambodia should consider this cover being arranged in Cambodia, rather than by the overseas sellers or buyers. The terms we can supply are usually much better than those arranged on CIF terms from overseas or FOB terms from Cambodia. Our team can advise the best structure for an “open-cover” declaration basis covering voyages Cambodia to world and world to Cambodia, door to door.