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People & Partners Insurance Plc Financial Statement

People & Partners Insurance Plc. has now completed 8 years of very successful full-time operations. From the very start-up, we aimed to be the most professional and friendly “Partners” with all our Client's International Reinsurance and Suppliers. This approach, combined with our 24/7 countrywide service, has proven to be a very successful formula. Our latest 2022 Report and Financial Statement is proof of this - we had a very successful and profitable year, despite the post-Covid hard Economic Environment around the world.

People & Partners Insurance PLC - Donation Event - 28.03.2023

Arranged by Daun Penh (Cambodia) Group CEO, Mr. ING SEAV MENG, senior staff from People & Partners Insurance gave a cash donation and a 1-year fire Insurance policy to Mr. Rady, following an accidental fire in his parent’s home.

Ouk Sameath, CEO of People & Partners Insurance Plc

We are very pleased to announce our CEO, Mr. Ouk Sameath has achieved special recognition as one of the Top 10 CEO’s from Cambodia-2022.


One of our Shareholders and Board Members – Mr. Ing Seav Meng arranged a special full day party for the Home and Kids.

People & Partners Insurance Plc joined the Entrepreneurs Meet and Show at Amatak Boutique, SR

On 2nd September, 2022, Young Entrepreneurs Association of Cambodia (YEAC), Siem Reap Branch organized the Entrepreneurs Meet and Show on the topics “1. Why Vehicle Insurance is Important? And 2. National Enterprise Competitiveness Program (ICONE Program)”. There were 30 members at this event.

Understanding Insurance – The Principle of Utmost Good Faith

After the first and most important insurance principle, Insurable Interest, Utmost Good Faith sets the foundation for every agreement between an insurer and client. While this principle is driven by a positive spirit of faith and trust, failure to declare information can lead to fraud, negligence and conflict. Welcome to the second instalment of our series of interviews – Undercover with Jeffrey James Whittaker.

Understanding Insurance – The Principle of Indemnity

At the heart of the insurer’s mission to help clients recover after a loss is the principle of indemnity. While the concept of indemnity is simple, it cannot apply to all types of insurance and can expose insurers to fraud. So, what are the methods, complexities and risks associated with indemnity? All will be explained as we continue our series of interviews – Undercover with Jeffrey James Whittaker.

Understanding Insurance – The Principles of Subrogation and Contribution

Sometimes it’s the insurance company that needs to protect itself from loss. The fourth and fifth principles of insurance are important considerations as insurers indemnify clients, seek salvage and avoid costly conflicts. People & Partners CEO Jeffrey Whittaker explains the principles of subrogation and contribution in the fourth instalment of our series of interviews, Undercover with Jeffrey Whittaker.

Insuring the uninsurable – Nicole Kidman, NASA and the threat of natural disasters

Hollywood stars, sporting heroes, astronauts and miners put their bodies on the line. Sometimes their risks are so extreme that even the insurance industry isn't willing to provide cover.